With Table Mountain in my backyard and the
Indian Ocean as my swimming pool,
how can I not enjoy life?

Hi, I’m Berna Coetzee and I have the privilege to be a commercial freelance photographer in Cape Town, South Africa. The business of Cape Town is media: Magazines, art studios, food, public relations, advertising, Movies and TV.

It is here that I capture life by what Henri Cartier-Bresson said: “Photography involves putting one’s head, eye and heart on the same axis, shooting as many pictures as possible until a single image emerges in which all the elements fall into place to symbolize a person, place or event.”

Photography has been an interest since an early age in my life. The smell of photographic chemicals became the norm as I spent my days in the one hour lab of my father’s chemist.  The best way to make time pass was to secretly take his photographic equipment and explore their mechanisms, fascinated by the way the lens opened and closed it’s aperture!

I like to keep things simple, I love what I do and I do what I love.
This is what Life Photography is about.

Hope to meet you again soon.