1600km, 3 days, 2 springbucks, 15 recipes, a bunch of extremely helpful, friendly, hard working people, a happy dog, a friendly farmer and we have a story on cooking venison for Landbouweekblad’s food magazine, Boerekos.

Now that was a mouthful!

It was an exciting drive to the unknown farm of Annatjie and Kobus Reynold near Richmond in the Karoo. Driving through the Karoo just once more made me realise how much I enjoy the Karoo. So unique and surely one of a kind. Once you have the Karoo in your heart, you can’t get it out of your soul. Nieuwefontein is situated 50km away from Richmond and it looks like a Boland farm with its lush green trees, beautiful garden and a vegetable garden that produces throughout the year.

Annatjie knows everything, and I mean everything, about venison!  Please visit her blog at             View the video we made of Annatjie demonstrating the cuts  and order her book Karoo venison on

Once more, thank you Annatjie and Arina for this incredible experience!