If I say to you “Schalk Burger”, your first response is rugby. If I say “Welbedacht”, you would request I pour you a glass if this impeccable wine. But what springs to mind when you hear “No.6? ” Perhaps you would pause, and give me an opportunity to reconcile these phrases.

No.6 is the new restaurant situated on Schalk Burger & Sons’ farm, Welbedacht.  Fantastic food, brilliant wine but most of all, loving, generous and passionate people! It was truly a beautiful day when I got the opportunity to shake the most legendary of hands in South Africa, as I met Schalk Burger on his farm.

In Afrikaans we have a saying,”Jy val sommer met die deur in die huis”, which implies that you get straight to the point.  And so it was with our visit to the Welbedacht farm.   It was  Tiaan Burger who greeted us at our arrival as we waited for his father.  Faced with all Arina’s questions, he quickly put us at ease as his farther “talks a lot” he explained, and we will get all our answers soon. Schalk Burger is indeed a gentle giant who actually didn’t say a word of rugby to us the entire day. After indulging in the most delightful food prepared by self taught chef John Tecklenburg, the conversation meandered around arts, culture, travel and most of all his love and passion for his family and his farm.

Above all, I will not forget the appreciation this man has for his natural surroundings. The tree, he explained, has no choice but to stand where you plant it.  As the heat escalates, it cannot fetch its own water elsewhere; When the wind blows, there is no protection overhead.  And yet it will grow. With this thought hanging in my mind, he asked me if I had noticed  the flamingos at the dam. I could tell he was well pleased with these birds’ choice of  annual destination

Schalk Burger & Sons, not only have you made history but you leave people with a smile on their face and a hope for the future, thank you.