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With winter in full swing, this short piece is sure to warm up the cold feet and hands.

It was a beautiful day when I went with Misi Overturf, stylist and creative consultant, to photograph this story at Audrey Botha’s house for Home magazine.

Audrey, from Papillon Belle and Audrey Botha design & illustration, is an award winning designer who also produces the most incredible jewellery using butterfly wings. Visit Audrey’s websites: www.papillonbelle.com & www.audreybotha.com as she is one inspiring lady!

Being a great dog lover, I was overjoyed as Audrey’s beagle just had me wrapped around his pinky.  The photo of him in front of the fire place just captured this lovely moment,  and I can still hear him “singing” for us while Audrey was playing the harmonica!

Thank you Audrey for letting us invade your space to capture these photographs and thank you Misi once more for an enjoyable shoot.